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Money Transfer Solutions

SecuRemit is a system which keeps track of the online and offline transactions. We custom make money transaction solutions and can assist in making SecuRemit as per your needs. Your money transfer and business solutions shall be in safe hands with us.

Secured and Safe Hosting

Your system will be hosted on our secure server, which is monitored 24/7. There shall be continuous check-ups to your system, for there shall be no hindrances in its functioning.

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Want to have your own system started and running? Wait no further and reach us soon. We are all hands open to help you in your business solution needs.


Money Transaction and Transfer

  • Send money to anywhere in the world at ease
  • Send remittance through your bank, agent or even your app.
  • Supports 100 types of currencies over the world
  • Online tracking of the transactions
  • Support a web of affiliates around the world
  • Verified beneficiary and sender history bookmarked
  • Option of Cash delivery at Home

Issue of Compliance

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Secured KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliance
  • Client's identity verification
  • Protection from Blacklisted senders and receivers
  • Scanning of the Global Sanction List


  • Detailed information on your business activities
  • Graphical representation of the and analysis
  • Profit and Loss indications and reports
  • Transaction Alerts
  • Viewing of Account Settlements
  • Balance Sheet generation and Account Statement
  • Account Reconciliation Automation
  • Advanced Reports on all agents/branches

User management

  • Create User Account
  • Audits and it's Records
  • History of Opening Balance
  • Round the clock Agent Support
  • Monitoring of Cash Opening Balance
  • Online Sign-Up for sending money
  • Activation and Deactivation of Pay Centers


  • All data is encrypted.
  • Data backups are a critical part of the data protection and recovery process in our system.
  • Our data cryptography API empowers us to convert data into scrambled code while stored and before it is transmitted over a public or private network using an encryption algorithm.
  • Fraud Prevention: Actively select who has access to certain areas of the system and enable control to multiple roles.
  • Let your customers know that their data and money is safely and securely transferred to the right person with your installed SSL Certificates
  • Achieve maximum security with restricted access to the Money Transfer Application through the required number of IP addresses.

Exchange Rates & Charges Management

  • Real-time currency feed from Bloomberg, Xe, Yahoo finance or your custom currency feed.
  • Take control and customise your exchange rates across a global network of branches and agents.
  • Increase your revenue by defining your own exchange rates margin for all agents or individual agents.
  • Set up a fee-sharing structure, allocate percentage share to pay-in or pay-out agent, or both.
  • Automatically calculate agent total transaction commission.
  • Manage Commissions: Define Specific Commission Structure and specific exchange rates for certain agents.


  • Automated Netting and end of day reconciliation
  • Audit of Transaction activities
  • Pay-Out and Pay-In Ledger reports

Helping Hand

  • Telephone and E-Mail assistance
  • 24/7 Portal Monitoring
  • Online Money Transfer Training
  • Software training modules and videos