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Reaching guests in local and global markets is simple with Hotel Management system. Give your property maximum exposure on the world’s leading online booking sites with less effort than ever before. Using a pooled inventory model, Hotel Management system can evenly distribute all your available rooms across a number of sites. All inventory is automatically reduced across all sites when a booking is made from any site, removing all of the manual work from selling your rooms online while increasing your revenue.

  • Connect to the world’s leading booking sites
  • Full 2-way reservation delivery
  • Full integration with your reservation calendar
  • Real time live rates and availability updates
  • Reduces the risk of over or double bookings
  • Sell the same room in different configurations
  • Manage all booking sites from one login
  • Upload inventory up to 365 days in advance
  • Dashboard  allows you to view how your channels are tracking

hotel booking

You can increase your customer base and bookings by having a customized and stylish website. Join hands with us to see your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Hotel Management system and its operating module shall include simple and easy to use booking engine. Collect instant bookings via your own website within no time. The user interface shall be easy to navigate and select. Even Facebook and mobile apps shall be synchronized to the website for better reach. You can convert your text and design styles as per your needs and add the hottest and happening deals to attract customers.

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The ‘Cloud’ Access

You can use and choose the options available via ‘Cloud’ format, from your mobile apps, iPads via Internet connection. There is no more wait for the reservation desk, as things have all become easy thanks to the Cloud platform. Access it anywhere and anytime.

hotel booking

hotel booking

Personalized templates and E-mail feature

You can provide your guests with personalized templates and wishes. Personalized E-mail templates shall hold good to win the hearts of the customers. You can also send recommended tips and options to the tourists whilst their stay. This is help in repeat visits and better camaraderie between you and the customers and henceforth building business relations. Automated Pre and Post arrival e-mail listing too is an added feature and acts as a boon for your business.

  • Fully customisable email templates
  • Automated pre and post arrival emails

One Eye for all Visuals

You can have an instant view over all the credentials, property and payments. The following features enable us to enjoy this technology:

  • Advanced Analytics and Modelling
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Export to Excel

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