We discover the foundational concept of the need. In this stage, we discuss your concept in detail and understand the vision. We convert the same into product requirements and needs.


We give you the gist or the blueprint look of the way in which your iOS or the Android mobile application will look like and if it is in accordance to your requirement and liking, we further proceed to the nest stage.

Working Area

Our crew shall work in tandem in terms of iterations and develop iOS/Android apps. They shall make sure that your apps are stylish and easy on the usage aspect.

kreativ web solutions the process

The Process

Our process of analyzing, designing and developing has stages to follow for the best end product.

  • Pre-Launch
    After the apps are developed, we make sure it has a test run. In this phase, the app gets a pre-launch run and the necessary requirements are checked.
  • Deployment
    This is the launch stage wherein the app is deployed full-fledged. The newly completed feature set is in the live area. Your app finally hits the center stage during this phase.
  • Maintenance
    We make sure maintenance activities and checks are done on the already live apps. This ensures you a safe run of your apps and e-commerce solutions.
  • Updates
    The Kreativ crew shall follow the updates and technological advancements and imbibe the same to your project in accordance to your interests.

Important aspects to consider

Ease of use