Money Transaction and Transfer

  • Using money transfer software Send money to anywhere in the world at ease
  • Send remittance through your bank, agent or even your app.
  • Supports 100 types of currencies all over the world
  • Tracking of transactions online
  • Support a web of affiliates around the world
  • OFAC Verified beneficiary and sender history Stored
  • Option of Cash delivery and bank transfer

Issue of Compliance

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Secured KYC (Know Your Customer) OFAC Compliance
  • Client's identity verification
  • Protection from Blacklisted senders and receivers
  • OFAC list updated every week


  • Detailed information on your business activities
  • Graphical representation of Data and analytics
  • Profit and Loss indications and reports
  • Transaction Alerts via SMS* and Email
  • Viewing of Account Settlements and statements
  • Balance Sheet generation and Account Statement
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Advanced Reports on all agents/branches

User management

  • Create User Account
  • Audits and it's Records
  • History of Opening Balance
  • Round the clock Agent Support
  • Monitoring of Cash Opening Balance
  • Online Sign-Up for sending money
  • Activation and Deactivation of Branches/ agents


  • All Passwords are encrypted.
  • Data backups are a critical part of the data protection and recovery process in our system.
  • Our data is secured and stored in multiple locations.
  • Fraud Prevention: Actively select who has access to certain areas of the system and enable control to multiple roles.
  • Let your customers know that their data and money is safely and securely transferred to the right person with your installed SSL Certificates
  • Achieve maximum security with restricted access to the Money Transfer Application through the required number of IP addresses.

Exchange Rates & Charges Management

  • Real-time currency feed from Bloomberg, Xe, Yahoo finance or your custom currency feed.
  • Take control and customize your exchange rates across a global network of branches and agents.
  • Increase your revenue by defining your own exchange rates margin for all agents or individual agents.
  • Set up a fee-sharing structure, allocate percentage share to pay-in or pay-out agent, or both.
  • Automatically calculate agent total transaction commission.
  • Manage Commissions: Define Specific Commission Structure and specific exchange rates for certain agents.


  • Automated Netting and end of day reconciliation
  • Audit of Transaction activities
  • Pay-Out and Pay-In Ledger reports

Helping Hand

  • Telephone and E-Mail assistance
  • 24/7 Portal Monitoring
  • Online Money Transfer Training
  • Software training modules and videos